Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy for You by Best Coast

Best Coast is a new group with a similar sound to the Beach boys, with a wavy guitar/bass theme to it. Indie rock is what the genre is, but somehow it feels like more than that. It feels like you've known this band all your life because their music seems so familiar, or maybe I'm just nostalgic for 60's and 70's music. Anyways they're amazing, and "Boyfriend" and "Crazy for You" are without a doubt the best in the album. Too many filler songs for my tastes, but it still adds up to a good album. Some songs have meaningless lyrics which bugs me, though...

Track List:
1.     "Boyfriend"       2:30
2.     "Crazy for You"       1:50
3.     "The End"       2:42
4.     "Goodbye"       2:40
5.     "Summer Mood"       2:26
6.     "Our Deal"       2:08
7.     "I Want To"       2:46
8.     "When the Sun Don't Shine"       2:16
9.     "Bratty B"       1:43
10.     "Honey"       3:02
11.     "Happy"       1:44
12.     "Each and Everyday"       2:52
13.     "When I'm With You"       2:58

1 comment:

  1. Not my kind of music, but I'll give it a listen anyway, you never know what you might like.