Saturday, September 18, 2010

Out of It by Brad Sucks

Haha, one of my favourite albums by far. Brad Sucks is a pretty unknown artist. He lives right in my area (Toronto) and does shows quite often. His music in this album is mostly rock/indie rock. He's a pretty amazing guy. I saw him when I was at York University. Anyways give his album a listen, especially Dropping out of School and Out of It. This is the album THAT GOT ME into indie rock music.

There is hope for the rest of you ;)

Track List:
1.     "Dropping out of School"     3:43
2.     "Certain Death"     3:49
3.     "Fake It"     3:34
4.     "Bad Sign"     3:52
5.     "There's Something Wrong"     3:28
6.     "Gasoline"     3:57
7.     "Total Breakdown"     2:19
8.     "Understood by Your Dad"     2:50
9.     "Out of It"     3:39
10.   "You're Not Going Anywhere"     3:38


  1. Will give it a listen. I love indie <3

  2. Nice musics man...

  3. nice i'm thinking about listening to this
    Cool blog BTW i'm following!

  4. Thanks guys, I'm suprised how much traffic I can get from reddit/my msn friends :)

  5. Cool cover, i'll check it out.

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  7. This is a great album, and I'm not a big fan of indie.