Friday, September 17, 2010

Ocean Eyes by Owl City

Ocean Eyes is by a popular artist known as "Owl City". His music is all over the boards, and hard to pin to 1 genre. It features a bit of autotune and a lot of synth, but is soothing to listen to. Released in 2008. Contains the hit song "Fireflies", which I'm sure you've heard.

Track List:

1.     "Cave In"       Adam Young     4:02
2.     "The Bird and the Worm"       Adam Young, Matthew Thiessen     3:27
3.     "Hello Seattle"       Adam Young     2:47
4.     "Umbrella Beach"       Adam Young     3:50
5.     "The Saltwater Room" (Featuring Breanne Düren)     Adam Young     4:02
6.     "Dental Care"       Adam Young     3:11
7.     "Meteor Shower"       Adam Young     2:14
8.     "On the Wing"       Adam Young     5:01
9.     "Fireflies"       Adam Young     3:48
10.     "The Tip of the Iceberg"       Adam Young     3:23
11.     "Vanilla Twilight"       Adam Young     3:52
12.     "Tidal Wave" (Featuring Matthew Thiessen of Relient K)     Adam Young, Matthew Thiessen     3:10


  1. I love this album but it's a shame that it overcast other Owl City albums