Saturday, September 25, 2010

In The City by Kevin Rudolf

Track List:
1.     "In the City"       3:25
2.     "Let It Rock" (ft. Lil Wayne)     3:51
3.     "I Song"       3:15
4.     "Livin' It Up"       2:55
5.     "NYC" (ft. Nas)     3:08
6.     "No Way Out"       3:24
7.     "Scarred"       4:17
8.     "Welcome to the World" (ft. Rick Ross)     3:03
9.     "Coffee & Donuts"       3:16
10.     "She Can Get It"       2:59
11.     "Gimme a Sign"       3:48
12.     "Great Escape"       6:38

Sorry for the 2 day hiatus, Family issues. Anyways You've probably heard of Kevin Rudolf, Famous for his "Let it Rock" song with Lil Wayne. Little do most people know is that he has many other songs, and not all of them are pop. I'm more into blues/rock and 90% of this album is that. My favourites by far are "Gimme a sign" and "Welcome to the world", and when I'm in a bad mood? "Great Escape". "Welcome to The World" is more pop/rock like. I enjoyed it, but that's just me.

I'm just trying to show people the other side of his music, maybe you'll like it, maybe not.


  1. I like let it rock more, keep it up

  2. coffee and donuts.. i know it's a nice song.

  3. Good songs, I really like Gimme A Sign too.

  4. I like the fact that you give youtube links makes it way more easier :)

  5. I think the depth which this music reaches, touches the essence of my being.

  6. just listened to this digging it !!!!

  7. what happened to the other blog :(