Saturday, September 18, 2010

Down The Way by Angus and Julia Stone

 This was a request from modest crisis ( I enjoyed this album, I really did. It's from a duet who seem to be having trouble getting their voice out there. "Black Crow" was by far my favourite in the album. "Hold On" I also really loved. The whole album as a whole was nice to listen to. When I get the chance I will pick up their CD, and I recommend you to do the same if you like what they have.

Track List:
1.     "Hold On"       4:25
2.     "Black Crow"       3:50
3.     "For You"       5:20
4.     "Big Jet Plane"       3:59
5.     "Santa Monica Dream"       5:30
6.     "Yellow Brick Road"       7:36
7.     "And the Boys"       4:09
8.     "On the Road"       4:05
9.     "Walk It Off"       3:24
10.     "Hush"       4:22
11.     "Draw Your Swords"       6:35
12.     "I'm Not Yours"       3:58
13.     "The Devil's Tears"       4:45
14.     "Old Friend (Hidden track)"       4:05