Friday, September 17, 2010

To The Sky - Kevin Rudolf

Brand new album (June 2010) with a great list of tracks ranging from pop to rock. His music is undefinable, similar to Lady Gaga in the sense of the word. I'd recomment anyone into rock and who also enjoy pop this album.

Track List:

1.     "I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)" (featuring Birdman, Jay Sean & Lil Wayne)     4:10
2.     "You Make the Rain Fall" (featuring Flo Rida)     2:54
3.     "Don't Cry"       2:52
4.     "Whatchu Waitin' For" (featuring Three 6 Mafia)     3:16
5.     "Big Timer"       3:19
6.     "I Belong to You (LANY)"       3:14
7.     "Must Be Dreamin'" (featuring Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)     3:03
8.     "Spit in Your Face" (featuring Lil Wayne)     4:36
9.     "What Do U Got"       3:30
10.     "Late Night Automatic" (featuring Three 6 Mafia)     2:47
11.     "Crashing Down"       3:26

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